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The first in Russia regional media-project in foreign languages

CompanyPerm Intermedia Group, Ltd
Business opportunityThe first in Russia regional media-project in foreign languages
Total Investment$35,000
Investment required$200,000
Type of financingLoan+Equity
Payback, months18
Internal rate of return25

Contact personAljona Mouse
Phone+7 912 98 362 79
Fax(342) 224 72 85
Brief description

THE PERM DAYS, the first Russian regional English language newspaper with special annexes on French and German languages would like to invite all concerned persons to appraise actuality and novelty of our next project THE RUSSIAN DAYS.
Having the stylistic and substantial concept of the Perm regional edition ( as a basis, a creative group of Perm Inertmedia Group, LTD has started to work on the adjacent project for 5 regions of Russian Federation. Prospective participants of TH? RUSSIAN DAYS first adjacent edition are Ekaterinburg, Tyumen, Nizhni Novgorod, Perm, Kazan and some countries  from Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

Purpose of the project:
The purpose is to create a base for an information exchange and purposeful lobbying, which goal is to increase investment appeal of regions-participants.

The project tasks:
Creation of the first Russian foreign language regional resource, capable to involve and discover whole business potential of Russian Non-capital territories at high level.
development of the regions cultural heritage with the goal to develop entrance tourism restaurant, hotel and entertaining sectors.
Expansion of a special network of the foreign language publication distribution: distribution of the newspapers at of the international five-star hotels networks (Hilton, Bristol Marriott, Royal Hotel), A class business centers, the airports VIP-halls, luxury restaurants and entertaining complexes, boutiques and shopping centers of Russia, Europe, and the USA, business-seminars and exhibition information support as well.

We are glad to inform you, that for the three months of functioning of THE PERM DAYS newspaper and Perm Intermedia Group, Ltd s we:
Published 5 issues of the newspaper, increased quantity of type-rages from 4 up to 20 and increased circulation up to 7 000 copies.
Signed contractual agreements on distribution of the newspaper at all significant enterprises, business-structures, restaurants and hotels of Perm and Perm region. Besides, the newspaper is delivered to the city and regional administrations press-cutting services, to Commercial and Industrial Chamber of the Russian Federation, to Perm sister-cities (Louisville, Oxford), to Mercury club (Moscow), to embassies of all the European Union countries (Moscow, Ekaterinburg).
The address base of delivery (the Perm region ministers, the first persons of Perm and the Perm region leading enterprises) is created. The base is constantly being replenished with the first persons of the largest enterprises of Russia and the Europe.

For today such organizations as the International Currency fund, Deutsche Bank, the International Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI, The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), the International Association of Stock exchanges, the Moscow Interbank Currency Stock exchange, the Russian Realtors guild, International consortium of realtor associations (?????),

In this connection the most important directions of our edition development are:
Opening of the Perm Intermedia Group, Ltd representative office in Moscow, at the territory of the representative or the head office of the Natural Resources Ministry;
Increasing the circulation from 7000 copy up to 50 000 copy for distribution at territory of the specified companies, and also on boards of the international flights of Lufthanza, British Airways, Air France, KLM, LOT, Finnair, El Al, Air China.
Financial Proposal

We are ready TO CONSIDER ANY INSTRUMENTS OF COOPERATION, beginning from official information support, lobbying our interests, and finishing formation of the financing scheme in the form of investment injections and-or the relations, built between the mass-media and the advertiser.

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